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Arfan Ali Nagra

Assistant Professor

Area of Interest:

Evolutionary algorithms, Intelligent Computing , Prticle Swarm Optimization, Bioinformatics and Neural Networks

  • arfanalinagra@lgu.edu.pk
  • Lahore
  • Pakistan

Journal Paper

  • Nagra, Arfan Ali, Fei Han, Qing-Hua Ling, and Sumet Mehta. ,PA (2019) "An Improved Hybrid Method Combining Gravitational Search Algorithm With Dynamic Multi Swarm Particle Swarm Optimization" "IEEE Access",ISSN: , Volume: 7, Issue: 1, Pages: 50388-50399,
  • Nagra, Arfan Ali, Fei Han, Qing Hua Ling, Muhammad Abubaker, Farooq Ahmad, Sumet Mehta, and Abeo Timothy ,PA (2019) "Hybrid self-inertia weight adaptive particle swarm optimisation with local search using C4.5 decision tree classifier for feature selection problems" "Connection Science",ISSN: , Volume: 34, Issue: 3, Pages: 102-114,
  • Nagra, Arfan Ali, Fei Han, and Qing Hua Ling ,PA (2019) "An improved hybrid self-inertia weight adaptive particle swarm optimization algorithm with local search" "Engineering Optimization",ISSN: , Volume: 51, Issue: 7, Pages: 1115-1132,

Conference Paper


  • PhD , Jiangsu University , China.



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Research Funding

  • Project Name: Particle swarm optimization based on prior constraints and complementary search and its applications
    Funding Body: National Natural Science Foundation of China (61572241),
    Submission Date: 2016
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