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DR. Muhammad Asif

Assistant Professor

Area of Interest:

Video Processing, Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine and Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Information Security, Embedded System Design

  • drmuhammadasif@lgu.edu.pk
  • Lahore
  • Pakistan

Journal Paper

  • Toqeer Mahmood, Mohsin Shah, Junaid Rashid, Tanzila Saba, Muhammad Wasif Nisar, Muhammad Asif ,CA (2020) "A passive technique for detecting copy-move forgeries by image feature matching" "Multimedia Tools and Applications",ISSN: , Volume: 2020, Issue: 1, Pages: 26,
  • Atif Saeed, Muhmmad Shahid, Mohammed A. Alghamdi, Khalid Masood, Arfan Ali Nagra, Muhmmad Asif ,CA (2020) "How to secure is Your Cloud: Classification of security threats and countermeasures within cloud computing" "International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security",ISSN: , Volume: 20, Issue: 5, Pages: 24,
  • Khalid Masood1, Muhammad Adnan Khan, Usman Saeed, Mohammed A. Al Ghamdi, Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Arfan ,CA (2020) "Semantic Analysis to Identify Students’ Feedback" "The Computer Journal",ISSN: , Volume: 2020, Issue: 1, Pages: 13,
  • Muhammad Tahir, Imtiaz Ahmad Taj, Pedro A. Assuncao, Muhammad Asif ,Muhammad Tahir (2020) "Low Complexity High Efficiency Coding of Light Fields using Ensemble Classifier" "Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation",ISSN: 1047-3203, Volume: 66, Issue: , Pages: 12,
  • Muhammad Tahir, Imtiaz Ahmad Taj, Pedro A. Assuncao, Muhammad Asif ,CA (2019) "Fast video encoding based on random forests" "Journal of Real-Time Image Processing",ISSN: , Volume: 2019, Issue: 2, Pages: 18,
  • M. Ali Dildar, Muhammad Asif, Asma Kanwal, Maaz Bin Ahmad, asfandyar ,Muhammad Asif () "RESTCub: A language independent middleware for cognitive robot" "International Journal of Humanoid Robotics",ISSN: , Volume: , Issue: , Pages: 23,

Conference Paper

  • Ayesha Nasir, Tahir Alyas, Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Naeem Akhtar , Reliability Management Framework and Recommender System for Hyper-converged Infrastructured Data Centers , 2020 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Computing, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies (iCoMET)
  • SHAN E ZAHRA, KHALID MASOOD AND MUHAMMAD ASIF , DNA Compression using RLIBC Algorithm , 2019 22nd International Multi Topic Conference (IEEE INMIC 2019)
  • • MUHAMMAD RIZWAN, MUHAMMAD ASIF, MAAZ BIN AHMAD, KHALID MAQSOOD AND MUHAMMAD FAHAD , PARK MY RIE: Your True Parking Companion , 2019 International Conference on Intelligent Technologies and applications (INTAP 2019)
  • • MAAZ BIN AHMAD, MUHAMMAD ASIF, AFSHAN SAAD AND ABDUL WAHAB , Cloud Computing: A Paradigm of more Insider Threats , 2019 4th International Conference on Information System Engineering (ICISE2019)
  • HUSNA GUL, MAAZ BIN AHMAD AND, MUHAMMAD ASIF , A Comparison of Detection Techniques for Attacks on MANETs , 2019 4th International Conference on Information System Engineering (ICISE2019)
  • ALI HASSAN, MUHAMMAD SHAHROZ ABBAS, MUHAMMAD ASIF, MAAZ BIN AHMAD AND MUHAMMAD ZUBAIR TARIQ , An Automatic Accident Detection System: A Hybrid Solution , 2019 4th International Conference on Information System Engineering (ICISE2019)
  • MUHAMMAD ASIF, IMTIAZ A.TAJ, S.M ZIAUDDIN, MAAZ BIN AHMAD AND MUHAMMAD TAHIR , An Efficient scheme for intra prediction blocks size and mode selection in advanced video coding , 2015 13th International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT 2015)
  • MUHAMMAD ASIF, SAQIB MAJEED, IMTIAZ A. TAJ, MAAZ BIN AHMAD AND S.M. ZIAUDDIN , Exploiting MB level parallelism in H.264/AVC encoder for multicore platform , 2014 IEEE AICCSA International Conference
  • MAAZ BIN AHMAD, MUHAMMAD ASIF, HASAN ISLAM AND, SAEED-UR-REHMAN , A Novel Application to Secure Misuse of Information in Critical Organizations for Windows Environment , 2014 5th ICCCNT conference, China
  • MAAZ BIN AHMAD, ADEEL AKRAM, MUHAMMAD ASIF AND SAEED-UR-REHMAN , Towards a realistic Risk Assessment Methodology for insider threats of information misuse , 2014 12th international Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT2014)
  • MUHAMMAD ASIF, MASOOD FAROOQ AND IMTIAZ A. TAJ , Optimized implementation of Motion Compensation for H.264/AVC Decoder , 2010 5th International Conference on Computer Sciences and Convergence Information Technology
  • MAAZ BIN AHMAD, MUHAMMAD ASIF, M. H. ISLAM, AND S. AZIZ , A short survey on distributed in-network query processing in wireless sensor networks , 2009 First International Conference on Networked Digital Technologies


  • PhD (Digital Image Processing) , Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST), Islamabad , Pakistan.
  • MS (Communication and Networks) , Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering (CASE), Islamabad , Pakistan.


  • Desiganation: Assistant Professor September 2018 to To Date
    ,Department: Computer Science , Lahore Garrison University, Lahore, Pakistan .
  • Desiganation: Associate Professor May 2017 to September 2018
    ,Department: Computer Science , Lahore Leads University, Lahore, Pakistan .
  • Desiganation: Senior Software Engineer October 2010 to April 2017
    ,Department: Video Coding , Streaming Networks (Pvt) Ltd., Islamabad, Pakistan .
  • Desiganation: Lecturer 2010 to 2013
    ,Department: Computer Science , The University of Lahore, Islamabad, Pakistan .
  • Desiganation: Lecturer 2009 to 2011
    ,Department: Computer Science , Dr. A. Q. Khan Institute of Computer Sciences and Information Technology (KICSIT) , Rawalpindi, Pakistan .
  • Desiganation: Software Engineer 2009 to 2011
    ,Department: Electrical Engineering , Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST), Islamabad, Pakistan .


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