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Muhammad Asif Saleem

Senior Lecturer

Area of Interest:

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Parameter optimization of CNN,

  • asif.saleem@lgu.edu.pk
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • Pakistan

Journal Paper

  • Daniel Mago Vostro, Muhammad Asif Saleem, Tahir Alyas, Shazia Saqib ,CA (2020) "OBJECTS DETECTION TECHNIQUES FROM IMAGES – A SYSTEMATIC COMPARATIVE STUDY”" "journal of critical review ",ISSN: 2277-8616, Volume: 7, Issue: 9, Pages: 1644-1653,
  • Muhammad Asadullah1,2, Muhammad Adnan Khan1,3,*, Sagheer Abbas1, Tahir Alyas3, Muhammad Asif Saleem3, Areej Fatima1, ,CA (2020) "Blind Channel and Data Estimation Using Fuzzy Logic Empowered Cognitive and Social Information-Based Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO" "International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems",ISSN: 1875-6891, Volume: 13, Issue: 1, Pages: 400-408,
  • Muhammad Asif Saleem, N. Senan1, Rehan Ahmad ,PA (2020) "“Study On Crack Detection Using Image Processing Techniques And Deep Learning –Survey,” " "INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH",ISSN: 2277-8616, Volume: 9, Issue: 2, Pages: ,
  • ? Muhammad Asif Saleem, Rehan Ahmad, Tahir Alyas, Muhammad Idrees, Asfandayar, Asif Farooq, Adnan Shahid Khan, and Khawaja Ali, ,PA (2019) "“Systematic Literature Review of Identifying Issues in Software Cost Estimation Techniques" "journal of critical review ",ISSN: 2156-5570, Volume: 10, Issue: 8, Pages: 1-6,
  • H. Khan, M. U. Hashmi, Z. Khan, R. Ahmad, and Muhammad Asif Saleem, ,CA (2018) " "Performance Evaluation for Secure DES-Algorithm Based Authentication & Counter Measures for Internet Mobile Host Protocol," "" INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND NETWORK SECURITY, ",ISSN: , Volume: 18, Issue: 12, Pages: 181-185,

Conference Paper

  • Muhammad Asif Saleem, Rehan Ahmad,.Asif Farooq “ , International conference on innovative computing , 2018 Significance of Software Testing in Quality Assurance Using Software Development Life Cycle Models,”


  • BS (Hons) Computer Sciences , University of Engineering and Technology Lahore , Pakistan.
  • Masters of Sciences in Software Engineering(MSSE) , The Superior University , Lahore , Pakistan.
  • Ph. D in Computing (In Progress) , , .


  • Desiganation: Centre Academic Head 2014 to 2015
    ,Department: APTECH Computer Education Lahore , APTECH Computer Education Lahore .
  • Desiganation: Lecturer 2015 to 2018
    ,Department: Department of Computer Sciences , The University of Sargodha , Lahore Campus .
  • Desiganation: Senior Lecturer 2018 to Till Date
    ,Department: Software Engineering , Lahore Garrison University , Lahore .


Work shop

  • Event Name: IEEE , Convention at Superior University

  • Event Name: International Conference on Engineering & Emerging Technologies (ICEET)

  • Event Name: International Conference on Computer Science and Allied Technologies (ICCSAT)

  • Event Name: Global Conference on Computing and Media Technology (GCMT 2020)

Research Funding

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