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Aqsa Iftikhar

Senior Lecturer

Area of Interest:

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

  • aqsaiftikhar@lgu.edu.pk
  • Lahore
  • Pakistan

Journal Paper

  • Waleed Iftikhar1, Daniel Mago Vistro2, Zunair Mahmood3, Usman Ashfaq4, Aqsa Iftikhar5 ,CA (2020) "DATA SCREENING AND ANALYSIS OF CAR INSURANCE MARKETING CAMPAIGN USING SAS STUDIO, HADOOP AND TABLEAU" "Journal of Critical Reviews",ISSN: 2394-5125, Volume: volume 7, Issue: issue 9, Pages: 11,
  • Mubashir Ali 1, *, Nosheen Kanwal 2, Aamir Hussain 3, Fouzia Samiullah 1, Aqsa Iftikhar 4, Mehreen Qamar 4 ,CA (2020) "IoT based smart garden monitoring system using NodeMCU microcontroller" "International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences",ISSN: 10.21833/ijaas.2020.08.012, Volume: volume 7, Issue: Issue 8, Pages: 8,
  • Daniel Mago Vistro1, Adeel Munawar2, Aqsa Iftikhar2, Awais Qasim3, Attique Ur Rehman4 ,PA (2020) "TERTIARY CARE HOSPITAL MONITORING SYSTEM USING WIRELESS SENSORS" "Journal of Critical Reviews",ISSN: 2394-5125, Volume: volume 7, Issue: issue 10, Pages: 8,
  • ,CA (2020) "" "",ISSN: , Volume: , Issue: , Pages: ,
  • Adeel Munawar, Aqsa Iftikhar, Fouzia Samiullah, Awais Qasim, Jawad Hassan ,PA (2020) "IoT based Smart Traffic Signal: Time Stealer" "Research Journal Computer Science And Information Technology",ISSN: 2521-0122, Volume: vol4, Issue: issue 1, Pages: 6,
  • Mehreen Qamar, Fouzia Samiullah, Sowaiba Khan, Aqsa Iftikhar, Aneela Mehmood, Raeena Touqir ,CA (2019) "MANet vs VANet- The Applications & Challenges" "Research Journal for Computer Science And Information Technology",ISSN: 2521-0122, Volume: vol3, Issue: issue 3, Pages: 5,
  • Aqsa Iftikhar1*, Fouzia Sami Ullah, Sowaiba Khan, Aneela Mehmood4 ,PA () "Smart Theft Vehicle Detection System by using ANPR" "Ravian Journal of Science and Technology. ISSN: 2788-614X. 2021. Vol. 1(1): pp 1-5.",ISSN: ISSN: 2788-614X. 2021, Volume: Vol. 1(1): pp 1-5, Issue: ISSN: 2788-614X. 2021, Pages: pp 1-5,
  • Aqsa Iftikhar ,CA () "Detection of Abnormalities in Real-Time Computer Network Traffic Empowered by Machine Learning" "International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering",ISSN: ISSN 2278-3091, Volume: Volume 10, No.3, Issue: ISSN 2278-3091, Pages: No.3,

Conference Paper

  • Aqsa Ifikhar , VQ Based Comparative Analysis of MFCC and LPC Speaker Recognition System , 2021


  • Mphil (CS) , Kinnaird College for Women University , Pakistan.



Work shop

  • Event Name: IEEE Lahore Section
    Description: Certificate of Recognition from the IEEE Lahore Section for notable services and contribution towards the advancement of IEEE and the Engineering professions for the year 2019

  • Event Name: Python Programming, Delta 3T
    Description: Certificate of Completion of Python Programming 2019, Delta 3T

  • Event Name: Game Design & Development Workshop , LGU
    Description: Certificate of Completion of Game Design & Development Workshop 2019, Lahore Garrison University, Lahore, Pakistan.

  • Event Name: IEEE National Workshop on Smart GRID
    Description: Certificate of Participation, IEEE National Workshop on Smart GRID

  • Event Name: ALMAAB Foundation
    Description: Empowering Youth- Bridging Gap between Academia and Industry.

Research Funding

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