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Syed A. Gillani

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  • s.gilani@lgu.edu.pk

Journal Paper

  • Dildar, M., Asif, M., Kanwal, S., Ahmad, M., Gilani, S. ,CA () "RESTCub: A Language Independent Middleware for Cognitive Robot" "International Journal of Humanoid Robotics",ISSN: , Volume: 17, Issue: 5, Pages: ,
  • Nassoura, A., Gilani, S., ,CA () "Analysis of Routing Algorithms for 2D-Torus Topology NOC Architecture under Load Variation" "Science International",ISSN: , Volume: 29, Issue: 6, Pages: 1397-1400,
  • Haq, M., Gilani, A., Zafar ,CA () "Analytical Evaluation of RSA and AES using Windows Azure as a Cloud Computing Environment" "Science International",ISSN: , Volume: 28, Issue: 3, Pages: 2339-2344,
  • Gilani, S., Nassoura, A ,PA () "A Scalable Approach to Video Summarization" "Science International",ISSN: , Volume: 28, Issue: 5, Pages: ,
  • Iqbal, R., Sherazi, H., Gilani, A., Ahmad, B., Hassan, B. and Farooq, M. ,CA () "Evaluation of low power mobile devices in intelligent transportation systems" "Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences",ISSN: , Volume: 6, Issue: 3, Pages: 152-158,
  • Ahmad, B., Gelani, S., Iqbal, R., Sherazi, H. and Iranmanesh, V. ,CA () "Deployment of VoIP communications in B&A spy agency: design and implementation" "International Journal of Computer Networks and Communications Security",ISSN: , Volume: 3, Issue: 11, Pages: 424-431,
  • Ahmad, B., Gelani, S., Aziz, M. ,CA () "Design and Implementation of Frequency Hopping using Hardware Descriptive Language" "International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science",ISSN: , Volume: 5, Issue: 7, Pages: 279-281,
  • Iqbal, R., Ahmad, A., & Gelani, A. ,CA () "NFC based inventory control system for secure and efficient communication" "Computer Engineering and Applications",ISSN: , Volume: 3, Issue: 1, Pages: 23-33,
  • Iqbal, R., Saeed, D., Gelani, A. and Sherazi, Hafiz Husnain Raza ,CA () "Design of near field communication passive antenna for circular shaped wearable items" "",ISSN: , Volume: 67, Issue: 4, Pages: 393-398,

Conference Paper

  • Gelani, S., Nassoura, A. , Students’ Acceptance of Mobile Learning in Higher Education , 2018 Conference on Smart Learning (Dubai)
  • Nassoura, A., Gelani, S. , Academic Attitudes Towards the use of Smart Learning in Higher Education , 2018 Conference on Smart Learning, Dubai
  • Sherazi, H., Iqbal, R., Gelani, S., Chaudhry, M. , Energy efficient femtocell-based architecture for low coverage areas in WiMAX , 2015 IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies, USA
  • Iqbal, R., Sherazi, H., Gelani, S , Efficient use of Mobile Devices in Demand Response Transit , 2015 International Conference on Computational and Social Sciences, Malaysia
  • Gelani, S. , Protecting Software from Attack and Theft via Program Analysis , 2014 Proceedings of International Workshop on Computer Security




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